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The Greeting Card Industry sells over 7.5 Billion Dollars a year to consumers all over the world. Businesses like hair salons, Barbara shops, mom and pop stores, community shops are normally excluded from earning ANY portion of this revenue, WHY? Lack of appropriate space to display, lack of access to product, and not PROFITABLE to big Companies like Hallmark and others. Statistic state that the average person buys 2-4 Greeting Cards each year, Birthdays, Get Well, Thinking of You, Happy Graduation, Congratulations´╗┐´╗┐, not excluding Holidays like Mother's Day and Christmas. The average Greeting Card sales for $3.50-$5.99

The Community Greeting Card Consignment Program:

The Kubeba Koala Brand Ltd Company has launched a program that allow you and your business to gain EXTRA REVENUE without costing you a dime, no overhead, no contract. If you have an empty space to display THE KUBEBA KOALA CARD LINES, we will provide you a FREE STOCKED RACK that holds $75-120 Pop Off Decal Greeting Cards.


All you have to do is say YES GIVE ME A FREE RACK.  All Pop Off Decal Cards cost $5.99 Retail and you add your taxes, Barcode included with envelops. We pay you $1.50 off EACH card sold. (Example: If your  card rack has `120 Cards times $1.50 your profit is $180.00. free and clear.

For more information or a Rack please send your information use the Contact Tab above: