My friends had just purchased some knew stuffed animals for their kids, so I went in the room to say hello to the girls. While playing with their new dolls, I notice a little girl attempting to decide which dolls she wanted to play with. As she began to feel and touch the dolls, I realized she was blind. She decided on a worn-out old Koala Bear, who only had one eye. As she began to caress the doll against her face and see the doll through her heart's eyes. She immediately made an emotional connect. Most likely because of the doll's visual informality, and announced in a excited voice, " I WANT THIS ONE". The little girls laughed at her, questioning. Why? You want that old worn out one eyed ugly thing?
Agitated she replied, "I don't think it's ugly, and it needs love just as much as your new dolls. Realizing how they hurt the little girls's feelings, and was so insensitive to the connection the little girl had with the one-eyed doll, herself being blind. The little girls apologized, embraced her and the one-eyed doll as they began to play together. Touched by the experience I decided to give the little girl a custom greeting card I would design for her later.

I discovered the little blind girl's name was TRIXIE, and she was from the African Country of Kenya, visiting the United States. I created a Koala Greeting Card whose physical characteristic displayed closed eyes. I placed some human eye lashes on the images eyesbrows, so she could feel and identify with her sensory abilities. I placedlaced a Big Black Fury Nose, which the Koala is known for, and decorated the image with some rhinestones. Trixie taught me and the little girls that. LOVE IS NOT BLIND, and my Titled Slogan read " THROUGH LOVE I SEE, which I made in Braille Letters. This is how THE KUBEBA KOALA BRAND was born.

With the millions of Trixie's in the world who just may need a friend. Delivering Trixie the card and seeing how she lit up, I decided to create a Koala Kids Greeting Card Line for both the Sighted and Visually Impaired.
My dream is to have Trixie Love  Kebeba Koala Bears manufactured and Licensed by a Company, or Investors to spread the love a joy. Stuffed Bears and Animals have always made us feel good and special companions. Will your Company be the one to help make a kind gesture a reality for millions?
Dedicated to a little girl named TRIXIE, with a BIG HEART. (The word pronounced Ku-Be-Ba- means BEAR in the Swahili Language of Kenya where Trixie was born).